Notice board

Video Transcript

Introduction to Notice Boards

In this video we will show you how manage notes on your Homepage Notice Board. The Notice Board displays Notes that users have chosen to share with all Gold-Vision users. Notice Board notes are companywide and can be found at the bottom of your Homepage.

Viewing & amending notes on the Notice Board

You can view all entries in a list view by clicking on ‘View all notice board’. To view note details from the Homepage, click on the notice board Subject name, click the notice board icon or pin or click the down arrow to expand the note.

To amend the note settings click on the link or pop out icon to open the record and locate the Correspondence section. Click on the Pin or Notice board icon to view options to Unstick or Stick the note and Remove from Notice Board.

  • Stick means the note will always appear at the top of the correspondence list, a pin icon will be displayed
  • Unstick will remove the pin
  • Remove from Notice Board will remove the note from the Homepage notice board for all users
  • Notice Board will add the note to the Notice Board Homepage for all users.

How to create a note

You can create a note using the Note Icon on any list view, or you can open a record and click on the Note icon. If you are in the correspondence section click ‘Note’.


In this example we will open an Account and add a note to make everyone aware of Customer Name Change.

  • Open the account record click on the Note icon
  • Enter a Subject
  • Add Body details
  • From the Note Options we can then choose to Stick and/or Add to Notice Board.

Click to Save your changes, click your Homepage to view your note.