Document templates & key integrations

Video Transcript

Document/Templates Creation

Start with Home Page View, Go to Opportunity or Quotes list and click into a record.

Word documents can be created directly in Gold-Vision by using predefined Word Template (.dotx) files and through the use of data tags. In the course materials tab, you will find a link to the help-site which explains how you can do this.

Next, click on the Word icon in the top right-hand corner to open the document templates area.

Depending on the fields and tags configured in your template, you will be able to select a template (such as ‘Quotation’) and see all of the information appear in the document which pulls through from the quote in Gold-Vision.


Gold Vision has the capabilities to integrate with 3rd party platforms. Go to the Integrations shop front and scroll down to show all the options for integrations

As you can see from within the Integrations shop front, there are many existing software that can be integrated with Gold-Vision. These can be helpful for sales and enquiry management as well as for other purposes.

A great integration for sales teams is Gold-Vision’s Xero integration.

  • This works with Gold-Vision’s Sales Modules – users can import and export sales and transactions as well as view a transaction history in GV for reporting. Similarly, have a live product picker which feeds straight into Gold-Vision, so there is no need to duplicate this action on multiple platforms.
  • As a result, this integration makes it easier to manage invoices, payments and billing history.

Additionally, the QuickBooks online integration. This helps to integrate with QuickBooks and provides users with a complete view of customers from within Gold-Vision. Furthermore, it can help when it comes down to quote management.