Global search

Video Transcript

How to use Global Search

The global search bar can be used to find most items and records within Gold-Vision. Start by clicking on the search bar in the top right and type in what you’d like to search. For example, if you type in ‘Adam’, it will pull up any items and records that contain the word ‘Adam’. You can also filter the type of record you’re searching for. For example the you may be searching for an Account called Adam Media Ltd, or a contact called Adam Smith. This will help narrow down your search. You can also multi select filters to broaden your search.

Your Gold-Vision administrator can also remove and add new fields and searchable items. For example, with the current set-up we have in place you can’t find a contact by searching for their email address.

However, by editing the setting found under the ‘screen design’ option, you can choose to include emails within the global search functionality. Now you’ll see, when we type in Adam Smith’s email address, results appear.

This is just one example, but any field can be added to Global Search under the same screen design settings.