Navigating Gold-Vision

Video Transcript

Navigation tips

On the left hand side menu you can create new item using the + icon, and you can view items using the View Icon.

Action Centre

  • Recent – Pages navigated are stored in recent events. You can view and click to open recent records.
  • To Do – shows Activities by due date.

From here you can click on the Ellipsis Icon to

  • Inline Edit the record
  • Complete the Activity
  • Add a Note
  • Pop out the record in a new window.

On any activity you can:

  • Click on the Activity Name to open the activity
  • Click on the Company name to open the Company record
  • Click on the phone number to make a call and add a note.
  • Click on the email address to open an outlook or gmail email (if linked).

You also have buttons on each activity to Complete or Add Note.

Short Codes

Short codes provide user friendly reference for launching and sharing records. Short codes are automatically generated and provide a unique reference number for each item in Gold-Vision., and are also visible in the record item’s URL.

Your system administrator can add a short code field to any screen or list, and you can search for Short Codes using the Search Everything bar at the top of the screen.

Sharing Filtered Lists

When filtering any list a unique URL is generated for each list. You can copy the URL to share any filtered list with other Gold-Vision users.