Creating custom menus & adding new items

Video Transcript

How to create a custom menu

Select the cog in the bottom left-hand corner to open your menu options.  Clicking on New Menu will take you to the menu builder.

To begin, give your menu a name that you’d like to appear on your Gold-Vision homepage. If you have the correct permissions, you can make your new menu visible to other users and teams in your organisation. To do this, select the tick box labelled ‘Make this item visible’ then delegate the permissions accordingly.

You can customise your Gold-Vision menu with icons, which are visible in your homepage when the menu list is collapsed. Simply search for an icon and select which one you’d like to use.

Once these two steps are complete, you can start to build out your menu by adding items. Simply search for the lists or items you would like to add to your menu in the left-hand column, and click on the plus icon to move them to the right-hand side column. Once complete, you can reorder your menu items using the up and down arrows. If you want to delete a list or item, you can do so by selecting the red button on the left side of each listed item. Once completed – click on save in the  top right-hand corner of your screen. Your menu will now be visible!

How to add a new item to a menu

Filtering projects by owner will show any outstanding projects that are still ongoing to that specific owner.

Click onto the project > actions > pin to menu. Here we will create a new menu. Gold-Vision will automatically drag the project name for the menu name but let’s rename this for this instance with the name (Software Projects). We can also add the project to an existing menu.

Gather some more projects and then press actions > pin to menu and then pick existing and pick the menu from the drop down and press pin to menu. if we look on the left-hand side – we can see it has been added to our menu. By default, the icon is a circle, we can change this if we go into the bottom left edit and then the menu can be edited by pressing onto the pen mark. Click into it and change the icon and press save in the top right.

The menu can also ben rearranged and hidden when pressing the edit button on the bottom right. Can be arranged by pulling the menus by the 3 lines and moving them to where you want.