LiveChat Integration Overview



Integrating Gold-Vision CRM with LiveChat gives your Sales or Customer Service teams the ability to turn every conversation that happens on your website into something special.



LiveChat Integration for Gold-Vision CRM

If you already use LiveChat to communicate with your website visitors, then this integration with Gold-Vision is perfect for you. By integrating both systems, users are provided with a complete view of customers from within Gold-Vision, as well as the ability to track interactions.

Display existing customer data

Display CRM information directly in your chat window and know more about your customer – see whether they are a lead, a customer or a new contact person.

Create new items from chats

Turn your chats into new leads or contacts and grow your database. Support agents can create a new Gold-Vision support ticket from within their chat window, and salespeople can create new opportunities.

Save transcripts

Chat transcripts are automatically saved and linked to the relevant accounts and support tickets in Gold-Vision. Communications with your customers are now fully tracked and unified in CRM.

3 Key Benefits of our LiveChat Integration

  • Automatic contact and account detection – When a new LiveChat session is started, Gold-Vision will automatically search your contact and account databases to see if the recipient is listed. If a match is found, Gold-Vision will provide the visitor’s information, such as their job title and company details. If you have a visitor that is not currently listed as an account on contact within your Gold-Vision instance, you will have the option to add them.
  • Save time with function shortcuts – If a visitor is listed within your Gold-Vision instance you can choose to create items against their contact or account, such as an activity, project or opportunity.
  • Chat transcripts – Once you have finished talking to a customer via LiveChat, Gold-Vision automatically takes the chat transcript and saves it in the correspondence section beneath a contact or account. This ensures that you can trace back conversations for future customer service or sales opportunities.

Setting up the LiveChat Integration

If you are interested in setting up a LiveChat integration for your business, please contact our Support Team.

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