Viewing menu items

Video Transcript

Menu Location

The grey bar to the left of the screen holds all of your visible menus.

Plus Button

The Plus button is a quick access tool which enables you to add records to Gold-Vision. This includes new accounts, contacts, leads and more.

Burger Menu

The 3 horizontal lines are your “View Menu”. This gives you access to a list view of records in Gold-Vision. If you click accounts, this will bring up a list of all accounts in the system

Custom Menus

Below the two fixed items, we have some more menu items which are known as custom menus. These menus have been created by users for quick access to filtered lists catered to users’ preferred views. Hovering over each icon will give you more details about what that menu contains

The setting cog in the bottom left hand side allows you to edit these menus. By clicking this, the grey bar will expand, allowing you to hide custom menus, edit custom menus that you have created and also re-order custom menus.