Building lead lists & importing

Video Transcript

Creating a lead list

To create a lead list, navigate to the lead lists page, found on the left side of the system, within the burger menu.

Once on the page, locate the plus icon on the right side to create a new lead list. Simply fill in the relevant and mandatory fields, and save.

If you want to add more specific fields to this page, this can be configured using the screen designer.


Manually adding leads

You can manually add lead records to your new lead list, again, by clicking on the add button in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

There will be different fields to fill in, some of which will set as mandatory depending on your system configuration.

Once you’ve completed filling in the relevant fields, save the lead. This is now available to view in your lead list.


Actions / Options against a lead

Each record contains lots of different information about your lead, and there are many different actions to choose from.

There are two main sections within a lead. The information section, which includes:

  • Email – Allowing you to easily email the lead by opening your default email software
  • Call – Which brings up the lead’s phone number details, or if you have an integrated phone system you will be able to call them directly from clicking on the phone number.
  • Re-assign – This option allows you to re-assign the lead to different teams or users.
  • Callback – Once you call back a lead, this will show up in the action centre.
  • Promote – You can promote leads in order to move them to the Accounts and Contacts area of Gold-Vision
  • Status – This field can be used to assign a specific status to your lead

On the right-hand side, there is an actions drop down, this will open up further options, including:

  • Edit and delete
  • Notes – Users can create notes against the lead containing helpful information such as call notes, and any other details that may not have been included within the field options
  • Find potential colleague – This will find leads that may work together based on information provided by filling out fields
  • Privacy notice provided -This allows you to enter how the privacy note was provided, which you can then view in the privacy log tab of a lead.
  • Unassign the lead – This will allow the lead to be unassigned and picked up by another team member or user


Importing leads lists

Users can import leads list into Gold-Vison which are currently stored in a spreadsheet by using the Gold-Vision Data Import Tool.

In order to complete a data import, users will need to contact their Gold-Vision administrator or follow the Importing Leads help-site pages which will be linked under the course materials tab.