Video Transcript

When importing a list or manually adding a lead, Gold-Vision will check for duplication. This includes all fields included in a lead entry, such as names, addresses and email addresses.

When the system identifies a duplication, there are two fields calculated – a Duplicate Score and a Duplicate Count – this will be shown on screen:

Duplicate Score

Different scores are given to different fields that are the same, or similar across two or more records in the system. For example, matching website URLs will give a score of 40 and matching contact email addresses will give a score of 50. In total a Duplicate Score of 90 will be placed against your lead.

In the above example, a score of 50 has been given where the email addresses match and similarly a score of 40, as the website URLs are identical.

This helps users identify incorrect information and user error, or can be used to identify if a lead entered previously has moved to a different business.

Duplicate Count

The Duplicate Count is the number of lead records that have a duplicate score. For example, if there are four leads that all have the same email address and name attached, there would be 8 separate Duplicate Scores, but 4 Duplicate Counts. There are three lead records in total that have matching information.