Video Transcript

Viewing activities on your home page

You can see your Activities that are Due soon on the Gold-Vision homepage. They’re listed in order of their due date and have links to the activity. The account the activity belongs to depends upon the kind of activity, and which contact or project the activity is linked to.

Opening an Activity to see full details

Click on the name of the activity to open it. All activities have a type, a start date and a due date. This activity is a Contact Activity so you can also see the Contact the activity is assigned to and their phone number. Activities also have a Status, which you can use to set an activity in progress, defer it, or complete it at the appropriate time. If the activity is a project activity you can see a similar set of fields, but you can also see the project that the activity is linked to.

Editing & updating Activities

You can work with the activity using the icons on the top right hand corner of the screen. There’s an edit icon to make changes to the fields themselves, such as changing the due date. You can add notes to an activity using the Notes icon. Activities can be linked to other objects in Gold-Vision, such as accounts, contacts or other activities using the Link icon. The Word icon allows you to have Word templates that are generated from data within the activity.

Time can be logged against activities using the stopwatch icon, or use the Complete icon to quickly close an activity. The pop out icon lets you pop the activity out into another tab in your browser to come back to it later.

Further options for the activity are contained in the Actions menu next to your icons, such as Add member, delete an activity, or send an email. You can also Pin an activity to a menu, print it, or run a Report.