ZoomInfo Integration Overview


ZoomInfo software provides access to valid contact information and company profiles.

It can also help find leads based on your unique criteria settings.

The integration enables you to create new Gold-Vision Accounts, Contacts and Leads by coping the URL from ZoomInfo.

Benefits of using the ZoomInfo Integration

  • Saves time – Simply paste the URL directly into Gold-Vision to  create new Accounts, Contacts and Leads.
  • Minimises errors –  Data is immediately updated in the record and the fields are automatically populated.
  • Accurate data – ZoomInfo provides valid Company and Contact profiles.
  • Lead Generation – Enables you to find new leads based on your unique criteria and then copy the ZoomInfo URL directly into Gold-Vision.
  • Streamline Communication – Once you have the relevant details in Gold-Vision you can nurture leads and email targeted communications.

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