Connecting to your ZoomInfo Account

To start syncing data you will need to connect Gold-Vision to your ZoomInfo account.


You will need a valid ZoomInfo account with access to the Enterprise (Enrichment) APIs.

Click to select Integrations.

Click to select ManageConfigure. 

When you click Configure on the right hand side of the integration you will see the following.


Create a ZoomInfo Private Key

Before proceeding with Gold-Vision configuration Settings you will need to generate a ZoomInfo Private Key.  To do this:

  • Login to the ZoomInfo GUI using admin credentials with API access.
  • Go to Admin Portal > and click Generate New Key.  You are provided with a Client ID and a Private Key.
  • Transfer the Private Key and Client ID to the ZoomInfo Settings screen in Gold-Vision.  See below.

Please Note – The Private Key must be kept secret as it will allow anyone to access your ZoomInfo account.


Complete the Settings:

  • Name – Enter a name i.e. ZoomInfo
  • Enabled – Click the toggle box
  • API Base URL – Enter the following URL
  • Private Key – The private key must include the ‘—–BEGIN PRIVATE KEY—–‘header and ‘ —–END PRIVATE KEY—-‘
  • User Name – The username of the user who created the credentials
  • Client ID – The Client ID provided by ZoomInfo.

Click to Save.

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