Managing your Sage 50 integration

Once you have access to your integration, you can manage it as follows:

Configure the integration

Go to Settings are and search for Integration Mappings:
And select Sage 50 Integration:
Click into your Sage integration and you will see a list of all of the available integration modules which are responsible for pushing and pulling data between Gold-Vision and Sage You can then create Triggers and Configure the data as per your business requirements:
The Trigger against the module will let you change the alert criteria for when that module is triggered. Configure icon against that module will let you modify the mappings that are used for mapping data between Gold-Vision and Sage:
Third-party fields are SAGE fields to be mapped into Gold-Vision fields Trigger Status
A configuration trigger has been activated. This will be based off the alerting criteria that has been created in the admin console. For example, if an account is pushed through to sage with a specific account manager, this can create an alert in SAGE.
This alert is set to automatic, it cannot be turned off.
There is a configuration trigger for this module but it has not been enabled. Integration links define the relationship between the account in Gold-Vision and the Customer in Sage. When accounts are pushed from Gold-Vision into Sage, an integration link is generated for them automatically. If  Customers are created manually in Sage, you will need to create a manual integration link from this screen. If Sage Customer codes have been modified, you can modify the corresponding link from this screen. Go to Settings select Integration links then you will be presented with the list of integration links:

Integration jobs

Go to Settings select Integration jobs then you will be presented with the list of integration jobs:
The integration jobs list details all of the items that have been pushed from Gold-Vision into Sage. You can use this screen to view any jobs that may have failed and re queue them.

Sage 50 Integration Tool

The Sage integration tool is run by a Sage user manually to process jobs and synchronise data between Gold-Vision to SAGE on a basis that suits them. The tool is usually installed on your Sage administrator’s computer. Using the Integration Tool  1. Open the Tool – this should be on the Sage Administrator computer and you should have an icon on the Desktop, open this:
2. Click Next, select the Existing Company Name then click OK
3. Select which modules you want the tool to run for you. Items on the left are Gold-Vision items to be pushed to Sage Items on the right are Sage items to be pushed to Gold-Vision Your bookkeeper or accountant can ensure that uncontrolled Accounts or invoices do not simply arrive in their system.
4. Choose the jobs from the jobs list and click Next. The import process will the start.


Please note that the management of credit notes (plus associated potential stock returns etc.) are beyond the scope of the Gold-Vision integration.  The adjustments would therefore be made in Sage.

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