Sage 50 Integration Overview


With the Sage 50 integration, you can synchronise your customers, suppliers, products, and transaction history with Gold-Vision. Your accounts’ key financial status becomes available within CRM. The integration saves time and makes invoice processing more accurate and efficient.


Sage 50 Integration for Gold-Vision CRM

Sage is a business accounting tool intended for small and medium-sized businesses. CRM and Accounting systems are often purchased and run separately within businesses. By integrating both systems, users are provided with a complete view of your customers from within Gold-Vision.

Our integration with Sage 50 allows you to:

  • Create new Sage customer from Gold-Vision account
  • Create new Sage supplier from Gold-Vision account
  • Send Sage customer information to linked Gold-Vision account
  • Send Sage supplier information to linked Gold-Vision account
  • Import Sage product list to Gold-Vision
  • Create new Sage sales order or invoice from Gold-Vision quotes
  • Create new Sage sales order or invoice from Gold-Vision bookings
  • Import Sage transaction history to Gold-Vision
  • Import Sage activity data to Gold-Vision
Below are two examples on how you can use the integration to streamline business processes

Customer integration

Sales Process

Key Benefits of our Sage 50 Integration

  • Faster access to crucial information – your users can see information such as customer balances and sales transaction history in Gold-Vision.
  • Avoid duplication of entry between systems – The integration will automatically synchronise customer data such as addresses and sites and even create Sage sales orders for you based on your Gold-Vision Quote.

Setting up the Sage 50 Integration

You will need to be a Sage account holder before configuring this integration. If you are new to this tool, find out more and sign up here.

If you are interested in setting up a Sage 50 integration for your business, please contact our Support Team.

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