Using the Exchequer Integration

Send a Gold-Vision Account to Exchequer

You can define the trigger by which an account can be sent to Exchequer as a Customer or Supplier. It could be driven by a change to a status as shown below.
Once the change is saved, the integration will push the account into Exchequer. The data you have specified in your integration fields mappings will also be pushed into your Exchequer customer record i.e. your billing address.

Send a Sales Order to Exchequer

The quotes module in Gold-Vision is configured to capture the information required for a sales order. Your Exchequer products are imported into Gold-Vision for selection against your quote. 1. Create your Gold-Vision Quote 2. Add the products/quote lines to the quote
3. When the sale is confirmed, set the status of the quote to ‘Closed-Won’.
4. The integration will then send the quote record to Exchequer as a sales order.

View Exchequer Financial data in Gold-Vision

Financial information is pushed into Gold-Vision from Exchequer in the following formats:

1. Fields against the Gold-Vision Account

2. Lists against the Gold-Vision Account

3. Exchequer Transaction History List

This list will display items such as invoices and credit memo’s for an account.

4. Exchequer Transaction History Line List

This list will display the products that have been sold for an account.

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