Exchequer Integration Overview


From real-time management reporting to accounting on the move, our Exchequer integration offers a range of benefits that will enable you to simplify your processes and strengthen all areas of your financial management from within your Gold-Vision instance.

Exchequer Integration for Gold-Vision CRM

If you already use Exchequer software to manage your accounting and finances, then this integration with Gold-Vision is perfect for you. By integrating both systems, users are provided with a complete view of customers from within Gold-Vision.

Save time

Turn Gold-Vision projects into Exchequer jobs, or create new Exchequer customers, suppliers, quotes, sales orders, and invoices with ease right from Gold-Vision accounts, quotes, or bookings.

Intelligent automations

Automatically import transaction histories, synchronise exchange rates and tax codes and import Exchequer products into your CRM to ensure that your sales team creates quotes in Gold-Vision using only Exchequer approved prices and product lists.

Customer integration

Sales process

Our integration with Exchequer will allow for the following actions:

  • Create new Exchequer customer from Gold-Vision account
  • Create new Exchequer supplier from Gold-Vision account
  • Push Exchequer customer information to linked Gold-Vision account
  • Push Exchequer supplier information to linked Gold-Vision account
  • Import Exchequer product list to Gold-Vision
  • Create new Exchequer sales quote, order or invoice from Gold-Vision quotes
  • Create new Exchequer sales quote, order or invoice from Gold-Vision bookings
  • Import Exchequer transaction history to Gold-Vision

4 Key Benefits of our Exchequer Integration

  • Faster access to crucial information – your users can see information such as customer balances and sales transaction history in Gold-Vision.
  • Avoid duplication of entry between systems – The integration will automatically synchronise customer data such as addresses and quote/order information.
  • Reduce user access to Exchequer – If your users can access the information they need within Gold-Vision there is a lesser requirement to access Exchequer.
  • Fully integrated – You can push Exchequer customer and supplier information to linked Gold-Vision accounts as well as import Exchequer product lists and transaction histories into Gold-Vision.

Setting up the Exchequer Integration

If you are interested in setting up an Exchequer integration for your business, please contact our Support Team.

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