Managing your Exchequer Integration

Once you have your integration in place you can manage the integration as follows:

Edit Mappings

You can manage field mappings between Gold-Vision and Exchequer from settings and Integration Mappings
Select your integration
You can define your field mapping and also the triggers from this page, triggers are created to define the action by which data is pushed/pulled between Gold-Vision and Exchequer

Field Mappings

Green fields can be mapped between systems

Gold-Vision Account to Exchequer Customer/Supplier

Exchequer Customer/Supplier to Gold-Vision Account (Pushback)

Gold-Vision Quote / Booking to Exchequer Sales Order

Gold-Vision Quote / Booking to Exchequer Sales Order Line

Exchequer Product to Gold-Vision Product

Transaction History

The following values are extracted from Exchequer and inserted into purpose build Gold-Vision Transaction History tables. Transaction history is imported for all integrated customers and includes Sales Invoices, Credit Notes, Journal Invoices, Journal Credits, Sales Quotes and Sales Orders. The fields imported as standard can be found highlighted in orange below. Once the data is in Gold-Vision is can be used to produce reports, charts and dashboards

Transaction Header

Transaction Lines

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