Using the Eventbrite Integration

Import Events into Gold-Vision

Once you are successfully authenticated and integrated with Eventbrite, you can start importing your Eventbrite Events into Gold-Vision. Add the Eventbrite Imports Menu:
Click the Import button to import your Event to Gold-Vision:


Clicking on the name of the Event will take you to the web page for your Eventbrite Event.


As from now, this Event will update automatically and continuously from Eventbrite until the Event is complete.
Any new Bookings will automatically be imported in Gold-Vision. No further action is required.

For each Event you wish to view in Gold-Vision, you will need to go through the above importing process.

The Event is imported initially, then on the next ‘poll’ the Sessions/Tickets and Bookings will be imported. ‘Polls’ happen automatically every 10-15 minutes.

View Imported Events

Once your Event is imported, you can start managing it in Gold-Vision. Go to View Events click on the Event name will open your Event in Gold-Vision

View Sessions

Each ticket you have created in Eventbrite will create a Session in Gold-Vision. In order to view the Sessions, open your Event scroll to Sessions section:
From here, you can view how many places there are per Session, how many are booked and available. By default, Gold-Vision will set the Sessions’ Start and Finish Times to the times of the Event. You can modify these times manually within Gold-Vision.

View Bookings & Attendees

To view the bookings click on the Bookings tab:
If you wish to view all the Event Attendees; go to Attendees section / page. If you wish to view only the Attendees who booked on a particular Session; open your Event, go to Sessions select the session then click on the Attendees tab:
Gold-Vision will show the Attendee Name and the Account of the Contact who made the Booking – the buyer. By clicking on Open Booking, you view the Attendees linked to this Booking, i.e. when one person booked tickets for multiple people.

Re-assigning Contacts

Gold-Vision will show the Attendee Name and the Account of the Contact who made the Booking – the buyer. If no matching Accounts are found in Gold-Vision, the new Contact will by default be placed under an “Unknown Attendee Account”. The name of this account will depend on the settings in the Gold-Vision admin console.

You can choose to re-assign Contacts to an existing Gold-Vision Account, or to a new Account.

If this is the Booking Contact – the buyer, Gold-Vision will ask if you wish to move all Event Bookings with this Contact to the new Account.

Yes: All Bookings this person made will be put under the new Account No: Only this Contact will be put under the new Account.

Extra Gold-Vision Event Functionality

Creating Activities against Events Exporting Lists to create Badges Create Campaigns

Find out more on how to use the Events on the Event Help Page

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