Eventbrite Integration Overview

Eventbrite is a global platform for live experiences that allows anyone to create, share, find and attend events that fuel their passions and enrich their lives.

This integration works within Gold-Vision to aid the management of events, keep track of numbers and bookings, and revenue.


Eventbrite Integration for Gold-Vision CRM

Say goodbye to mundane event administration when you integrate with Gold-Vision CRM. When integrated with our system, Gold-Vision automatically and continuously creates ticket types and bookings for your imported events.


Easily create your event within Eventbrite in minutes, and let your attendees do the admin for you. Any custom forms or fields, such as dietary requirements, will be picked up and updated against the event in Gold-Vision automatically.


Engage your customers before and after your events. Send an automated invitation campaign, or contact confirmed attendees, using Gold-Vision Connect. The all-in-one solution makes all event information centrally available in your customer view.


Easy, one-click imports mean that Gold-Vision can automatically and continuously track the event in your CRM until its completion, leaving you free to focus on other tasks.

4 Key Benefits of our Eventbrite Integration

  • Automation – Eventbrite feeds into your Gold-Visions CRM system to reduce the amount of manual processes. Data and information from customer sign-ups and forms are automatically added to your Events area, so you always have a clear overview of your event and your attendees.
  • Marketing – With Gold-Vision’s Campaign and Connect tools you can target specific contact lists for specific events and send targeted emails, before and after your event. Gold-Vision allows you to track the success of your campaigns, and your event with ROI analysis and financial reporting.
  • Collaboration – Gold-Vision allows your event planning to be collaborative, with visibility across the board and information at your fingertips with everything in one place.
  • Planning – Gold-Vision makes planning your event a breeze, with the ability to set up Activities and reminders for specific tasks that need to be completed before, during, and after the event.

Setting up the Eventbrite Integration

To begin the setup your will need an Eventbrite account, if you are new to Eventbrite, sign up here. Please get in touch with our Support Team or your Account Manager to enable the integration on your Gold-Vision. To Setup the Eventbrite Integration simply follow the instruction on the Configuring the Eventbrite Integration page.  

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