See everything at a glance

Video Transcript

Gold-Vision logo in upper left-hand corner.

Clicking the gold-vision logo at the top left of the screen will return you to the homepage.

Global search

Over on the right we can see the ‘search everything’ box.  This provides quick access to items searched by reference number, account name, contact name and so-on.

Expanding the ‘filter item types’ will allow you to focus your search on specific item types.

(?) button

Next to the search everything box is the help icon.  This is where you can access the gold-vision help site, log a support request or chat with our support team.

Storefront button 

The next icon accesses our integrations storefront and email marketing system, Connect.  Storefront will allow you to view our available integrations and manage any you have enabled.

Action centre

The action centre is accessed via the bell icon.  In here you can view your recent events, to do list, alerts, emails, calendar and jobs.  You can use the pin to keep the panel open, otherwise it will auto hide.


The settings menu provides access to many administrative options.  The items you see here will depend on the access rights you have been given.  A full system administrator will be able to manage everything from screen and list design, to configuring integrations, set up mail scanning and calendar synchronisation and alerting to name a few.

Menu & custom menu area

Over on the left and down the side of the screen is the main menu.  Here you can access the standard gold-vision items and also create user defined menus to hold pre filtered lists, or links to items for example.  What you see here will depend on how your system has been configured and which of the various modules have been enabled.  The menu can be viewed in either icon only or label view, using the expand arrow at the bottom.  You’ll also see the edit button here, which allows you to show/hide the menu items and also re-order them.  If you have any user define menus, you can also edit those using the pencil icon.

Dashboard menu

Clicking the manage dashboards button will let you re-order dashboards, show or hide them and edit any you have permission over.  You can use the add dashboard to add additional dashboards which have been shared by other users.


The activities due soon area list activities that you need to complete.


The appointments area shows upcoming appointment.  You can click through to the appointments from here.

Notice Board

The noticeboard shows notes that have been pinned to the board for company wide attention.  You can click the view all notice board link below to view the items in a full screen list.