How to use the Flows view

Video Transcript

Flows view is an alternative way of interacting with a group of records, and changing their values.

For example, in the activities list, we can set the view toggle to Flows, which will display the activities in a grid.

When you first click on the flows view, a setup screen will appear, with some basic settings options.

On the ‘set up your board’ screen, we are given the option of selecting the field for the vertical and horizontal lane.  You can also show and hide options in these two fields.

In this basic demo, we will leave these options set to default and click view at the bottom.

In the flows view, we can see the activity status columns from left to right, and the owner at the left going top to bottom.

We can now interact with these items using drag and drop, so to move  an activity to another status we can just drag it to the specific column.

Additional filtering can be applied using the controls at the side of the screen if required.