Using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration

Push a Gold-Vision Account to Dynamics NAV

You can define the trigger by which an account can be sent to Dynamics NAV as a Customer or Vendor.

In the example below the Gold-Vision Account is pushed to Dynamics Customer if the Navision Customer checkbox it ticked:

Once the Gold-Vision Accounts is saved users can find the Customer in Dynamics NAV:

Sending a Sales Record to Dynamics NAV

There are 4 ways to send a Gold-Vision Quote to Dynamics NAV:

  1. Blanket Order
  2. Call Off Order
  3. Sales Quote
  4. Sales Order

The quotes module in Gold-Vision is configured to capture the type of sales record:

Next you would add your products to the quote, as part of the integration you can view and select a live feed of products from Dynamics NAV:

When the sale is confirmed, set the status of the quote to ‘Closed – Won’

The integration will then send the quote record to Dynamics NAV as the record type specified i.e. Blanket Sales Order

Viewing Dynamics NAV Financial data in Gold-Vision

Financial information is pushed into Gold-Vision from Dynamics NAV in the following formats:

1. Fields against the Gold-Vision Account

2. Dynamics NAV Transaction History List

This list will display items such as quotes, sales orders, invoices and credit memos for an account.

3. Dynamics NAV Transaction History Line List

This list will display the products that have been sold for an account.

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