Configure Dynamics NAV Integration

Configure Dynamics NAV Integration

Access the Integrations Storefront

Go to Settings – Integrations to access the Integrations Storefront, you need to be a system administrator.

Select Microsoft Dynamics NAV

From the integrations list select Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and then Manage

Select configure to amend your integration

This page allows you to amend the way in which the integration modules function for your business, you can edit the mappings between the two systems as well as the alerts that are triggered based on an actions in Gold-Vision.

Edit Mappings

In order to sync field data between Gold-Vision and Dynamics NAV select edit mappings

Edit Alerts

Alerts are created so you can define the action by which an account of quote is pushed into Dynamics NAV

Edit Frequency & Retrieval Period

Define the amount of historical data you would like in Gold-Vision as well as how often you would like the data to be synced.

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