Google Mapping Integration Overview


Gold-Vision’s integration with Google Maps allows you to quickly identify the location and density of customers and target leads so you can make more informed decisions on who to visit and how and where to travel and organise events.

Google Maps Integration for Gold-Vision CRM

Integrating Google Maps with your CRM also enables your sales teams to make more efficient use of their time on the road – planning routes in advance or on the go, using real-time data.

Map view

See your data on a map. Explore individual sales person’s accounts, your top paying customers, or this month’s leads – all at the click of a button.

Route planning

Identify which customers or prospects you need to visit and let Gold-Vision plan the optimum route automatically. Great for sales and service teams that spend a lot of time on the road.

Customer grouping

Break down your map data for quick and easy analytics. For example, segment your map data by account manager or industry for an immediately relevant map view to your needs.  

3 Key Benefits of our Google Maps Integration

  • Radius filtering – the ability to drill down into your lists by postcode. When used, this feature will refine your search results by showing all accounts in a specific area. This makes it easier to plan customer visits, as you can quickly and easily plan by location as opposed to trawling through data sets to find addresses.
  • Plan multiple customer visits in one go – The route planner functionality of this integration allows you to select a group of customers you wish to visit in one period of time and create the most efficient route plan.
  • Map view – Any geocoded items within your Gold-Vision instance can be viewed on a map, with visual pins to help you see where your customers, suppliers and partners are.

Setting up the Google Maps Integration

If you are interested in setting up a Google Maps integration for your business, please contact our Support Team.  

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