Gold-Vision API


Gold-Vision API also supports filtering when performing requests, the below example shows applying a filter on a GET request for an Account. Within our example we use a created date filter to get Accounts where the account was created yesterday: https://YOUR-GOLD-VISION-URL/aster/accounts?filters=createdDate=[yesterday] We also support logical operators on our filters such as: =<: A value lower than e.g. createdDate=<2020-07-02 =>: A value greater than e.g. createdDate=>2020-07-02 <>: A range between e.g. createdDate=2020-07-02<>2020-07-03 A special case for date fields we support these values: [yesterday] [today] [todaybefore] – anything with today’s date or before [todayafter] – anything with today’s date or after [this week] [last week] [next week] [this month] [last month] [next month] [this year] [last year] [next year]

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