Product News

September 2021

Product Enhancements

Date Picker & Filter Improvements

The date picker now has a simple way of selecting ‘Today’ when setting the date.

We have also introduced 2 new options when filtering date fields in lists. Users can select Days/Weeks/ Months from Now or before Now. Use these options when creating charts, widgets, reports.

Improved UI Experience

User interface improvements on visuals, item sizing options and user journey have been introduced for:

  • Checkboxes, Overview section Count Widgets and Sub-Lists sections
  • Notes screen has new text formatting options.
  • Mail Tracking Settings screen has been updated to make applying or deleting email scan exclusions and internal email domain exclusions easier for the user.

Lists Filtering

Filtering options have been added to different lists in the system including:

  • Alerts – The ‘Configure Alerts’ list in the Settings area now allows users to filter the alerts list.
  • Products – Users are now able to filter Products by Categories, including in the product picker list for Seminars/Events.
  • Campaign Source – The full content of filters is now visible in a campaign source.

Lead Management

  • New Lead API end points have been introduced.
  • The Touchpoint Score for promoted leads is applied automatically to the Gold-Vision record.

Sites & Google Maps

Geo-coding for Sites has been enabled, allowing mapping of Sites data.


Appointments / Calendar

  • The Appointments Calendar view now has enhanced options when highlighting by Owner, Organiser and Type, so entries are grouped.

Settings / Screen Designer

  • Numeric fields can be saved as integers in the Screen Designer.

Aster API

  • Alerts – Set up alerts that will only trigger when the item update has come from the API.
  • Events –  Use Gold-Vision API to get a list of bookings for events.

Opportunities / Quotes

  • In Opportunities and Quotes Lists, users can now filter by ‘Closed’ State.


  • You can now create a new Campaign Source from the following lists:
    • All Campaign Lead Recipients.
    • Event Attendee list.
    • All Campaign Contact Recipients list.


  • You can now add the Touchpoint score to a Contacts list.
  • On an Account, you can now include the Touchpoints sub-list with the special Touchpoints view.

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