Creating & exporting sales reports

Video Transcript

When a sale has been completed or confirmed, you are able to change the record from an opportunity to a sale by changing the stage to Closed – Won. Reports can then be created from these sales records.

Closing Opportunities

The first thing to do is to go to opportunities and open an opportunity record for example ‘Design Mill Lane’. Edit the record by pressing the pencil icon and change the stage to “Closed – Won”. This will send the record from an opportunity to a sale record. Press the view menu and click into sales.

Click the 3 dots on the ‘Local Sales Value’ and you will be able to see the total sales revenue for this year as the Actual Close date has been set to ‘This Year’. This action can be repeated against any numeric field in Gold-Vision to see a running total.

Exporting a sales report

To see how the sales have performed, you are able to create a report.

Within the same Sales area of Gold-Vision, click on the views button on the top left of your screen and select report.

To give an example, let’s create a report for ABC Landscaping & Design that shows the sales value for this month. To do this, we must set the following filters in the ‘Search and Filter’. Set the stage to ‘Closed – Won’, Account to ‘ABC Landscaping & Design’ and Actual Close to ‘This Month’.

Exporting the Report

Press ‘create report’ and name it ‘Sales – This Month’.

You can remove fields if you don’t want to include them in your report by pressing the red minus button, here you can also reorder your fields. This is also possible from the ‘Search and Filter’ area – Lets remove ‘Quote/Booking’, ‘Type’ and ‘Reference’. The press ‘save’ and then ‘run’.

This will create the report and open it in the report viewer. From here, users can export the report in a variety of different formats.