A run-through the action centre

Video Transcript

In this lesson we will be running through the Action Centre, available on all pages of Gold-Vision.

The action centre is located at the top right-hand corner of every page.

The icon to look out for is a bell icon.

There are 5 different actions you can view from here.

Recent events

The recent events section will display all recent activities that you have made in Gold-Vision.

You can use this as a quick way to get back into your records you have recently been working on.

To do list

The to do list is a quick overview of your activities in the order of set end date.

From this view you can use the complete and add note shortcuts without having to access the Activity record from other areas of Gold-Vision.

To open a full list of all incomplete activities assigned to you, click on the view all option.


In the alerts section, the user can see alerts which have been set up across Gold-Vision.

For example, a colleague may have broadcast a note to you from an Account or Contact – they can choose to send this to you via email or send you an alert.

Alerts in Gold-Vision are highly configurable and customisable. This set up can be done by admins with screen design accessibility.

An example of an alert set up can be when a drop-down field in an account is changed then a user is notified.

The use of ok and snooze means you can easily acknowledge an alert.

Click ok to close the alert and snooze to remind you later about the alert.


The email section will allow you to view your most recent emails received.

This will only work if you have integrated Gold-Vision with Outlook or Gmail.

You can click into the email by clicking on the subject line to view it in Gold-Vision.

This will let you view the message and see any attachments under the relevant tabs.


In the same way as the Email section, if you have your Outlook or Gmail integrated with Gold-Vision you will be able to preview a summary of upcoming appointments and meetings.

Pin the action centre

There is a pin button option which will enable the action centre to be pinned as a pop out.

Once pinned, this will not close and stay open on all pages.

You can un-pin to close the pop out.