Generic Phone Integration Overview


The Generic Phone integration allows users to dial numbers from directly within Gold-Vision by simply clicking on them.


Generic Phone Integration for Gold-Vision CRM

Making a phone call from within Gold-Vision is quick and easy! Once configured, you can simply click on a phone number linked to one of your accounts or contacts and your phone will automatically dial the number. When you dial a number, Gold-Vision will open a pop-out window which allows you to manage your call – directly from within your CRM system.

Dial from multiple places

You can click-to-dial from areas of Gold-Vision that provide a list view, including contacts and To-Do lists. The ability to make calls from your To-Do list ensures that calls are made on time, and tasks are completed without wasting time looking for and dialing numbers.

Record your call history

When the Phone integration is configured, Gold-Vision automatically keeps records of calls made within the product. This allows users to keep track of phone calls made to specific customers, when they were dialled and how long the conversation lasted. If phone calls are made part of a marketing campaign, this is ideal to be able to track insights and information.

See who called who

Using Gold-Vision’s Phone integration also allows you to see which team member called a specific customer. This is ideal for multiple team members who are working with the same customer.

Setting up the Generic Phone Integration

In order to use the Generic Phone integration to dial numbers, it must first be enabled by a system administrator. To learn more please visit our Configuring Generic Phone Integration page.

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