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How to use Highlight Rules

How to use highlight rules.

How to create Touch Point Rules

How to create Touch Point Rules.

Touch Point Rules

Touch Points capture interactions that businesses and individuals have with your company and brand. Gold-Vision can score Touch Points in accordance to their importance to your business.. In order to gain valuable business insights, it is important to have a Touch Point scoring strategy in place before configuring the Touch Points. If you plan to…

Enabling Highlight Rules

Use Highlight Rules against any "Date" or "Numeric" fields. Highlight rules can be useful to emphasise records based on a rule - for instance to quickly identify all records where a date has passed. Setup Highlight Rule From the Settings area open Screen Design. Select any Date or Numeric field and configure the field.  Our web…

How to use follow up rules

Create Follow-up Rules Upon creating a Follow-Up Stage, you can choose to add a Rule. Rules can be used in a number of scenarios, for example, if you want to send an email to all those recipients who clicked a link within the email:

Loqate Email Validation Integration Overview

Loqate Email Validation Integration for Gold-Vision CRM  Bounced emails could be a thing of the past when using our email verification integration. Check individual email addresses or process them in batches to guarantee reliable and clean data in your CRM.  By integrating Loqate’s easy-to-use email validation service with Gold-Vision you can:  Increase your email deliverability,  …

Data bridge import

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Data Bridge

Data Bridge for Gold-Vision CRM Enable automated importing of sets of data into Gold-Vision, to create and/or update records. The Data Bridge allows imports of multiple data sets from different sources, with varying levels of complexity, into all core areas of the system, including the ability to trigger alerts and workflow from the incoming data…

November 2021

Product Enhancements


Updates Lists / Menu The Account field called External ID can be added to the Product Sales list You can now create Quick Quotes from a custom menu The Contacts sub list now retains the correct field labels Drop option and numerical fields in a list can show the Stats based on the current list…