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GDPR Definitions

GDPR Definition Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) helps organisations to identify the most effective way to comply with their data protection obligations and meet individuals’ expectations of privacy. You may need to do this if you undertake large-scale data processing or record special categories if data. If you don’t need to carry out a DDIA…

Updating an Import

There might be occasions when you need to update your Lead import. For example the data might have been cleansed/updated or you have some additional Leads from the same source. Rather that creating a new lead list you can update an existing lead list. Option 1  - Using a Control Column to update the original…

Preparing your data

Data Type What to do Does your data contain dates? Dates should be in the format YYYY/MM/DD 2019/12/01 (DD/MM/YYYY also works, but the above is the preferred format)  Address Fields Ensure address fields are not all in one cell with carriage returns, they should be in individual fields eg Address 1, Address 2, Address 3.…

Importing your data

Data import step by step Once you have prepared your data and downloaded the import tool, click to start a new import:

Import types

Import type Description Suggested match keys Recommendations Account Activities Imports account activities, based on a small set of fields for matching accounts, plus all available account activity fields. Account name or Reference/External ID. Activity summary or reference number. Account Contact Basic Importing accounts and contact with only simple information. Does not include user defined fields…

What Is GDPR? Including Best Practice

What Is GDPR?The General Data Protection Regulation is new EU wide legislation which aims to put the control of personal data back into the hands of the individual. New rules and regulations on data collection and data processing will allow individuals enhanced rights to access or withdraw their data.This new legislation will replace the existing…

How To Setup General Targets

Targets within Gold-Vision are managed in User Targets within Settings area. Setting up a New Target In this screen, you can create a new Target by selecting New within the Actions menu.

Calendar Synchronisation

Calendar Synchronisation allows appointments created in Gold-Vision to be synchronised with an external calendar system and for appointments created in an external calendar system to be brought synchronised into Gold-Vision. Calendar Synchronisation supports the following third party calendar providers: Microsoft Exchange (2007 or later) Google calendar Office 365 To enable calendar synchronisation you may need…