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November 2021

Product Enhancements


The Gold-Vision Portal is here, allowing businesses to extend their service offering with a customisable interface and a framework of portal pages to choose from.

Enable your customers to view, update and create new information related to them pulled directly from Gold-Vision enhancing your customers experience and assisting with customer satisfaction.

Our Portal framework uses the Umbraco CMS, allowing for styling to match your business needs.

Use our details below to decide which Portal page would work for you.  You can also combine both.


We have made some updates to Gold-Vision Time, removing some bugs and also enabling the following:

Users are able to enter time values in decimals

The Time list now has a ‘My’ option

Bookings & Events

We’ve also updated Bookings for Events, allowing for User Defined fields and additional fields.

Connect IP changes

We are currently undergoing a major development project for the Gold-Vision Marketing area.

To enable us to provide additional features, we are updating the email sending services currently available via Connect.

As part of this we will be updating the list of IP addresses used for Connect and this change will come into effect week during November 2021.


Homepage & Dashboards

  • View > Links and View > Alerts take you to their respective pages
  • Creating Widget List honours the filters that have been set


  • Creating Note when you have multiple notes sections no longer overwrites the Details section


  • Discarding a lead and removing owner no longer shows an error for basic users
  • Mapped promotion options now being released when Lead field is deleted

Opportunities & Quotes

  • Company Potential and Sales now updated when setting an opportunity to closed – won
  • Filtered list of Opportunity Activities now showing correct Types
  • Account Linked Opportunities no longer break with Additional Numeric Highlight Fields
  • Additional fields added on Contact added to Contact Picker on Quote
  • Quote State now shows Closed lost or Closed won in API


  • Now able to Delete Invalid Email Recipients


  • Users can add the Owner field to Project Appointments sublist

Events & Attendees

  • Event level Correspondence section now listing Notes created from new Bookings
  • Event Booking – Selected event is no longer cleared when Account is chosen
  • Highlight rules retains for “Type” field in ‘Booking for Events’ list
  • Sorting has been enabled to allow sorting by Attendee Name on Attendees list
  • You can now access attendees when parent account is set to team security


  • Placeholder label for time fields details d is the syntax for days
  • Improved drop down on Time Entry dialog
  • Default selected value for time/units fields is now time
  • Icon restored for link time on quote item
  • Ability to link non-time/unit products to items has been removed
  • Link time picker no longer allows creation of products
  • Time top level list should has a default filter for created in the last 30 days

Lists & Screen Designer

  • Editing Privacy Rules -> Save, Delete & Cancel buttons now appear in Chrome
  • Privacy Rules no longer return error when additional drop fields are used for Account rules
  • Bulk replace issue for the products list on 7 – 8 upgrades no longer broken
  • Creating a report and exporting the data from a sublist doesn’t lose parent filter
  • Issue multi selecting teams in field group visibility configurator

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