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January 2021

Key New Features:

Office 365 Contact Synchronisation

Introduction of Contacts synchronisation between Gold-Vision and Office 365 which can be enabled per user. This can provide the ability to synchronise contact from within Gold-Vision to your individual Office 365 account or enable the import of Contact from Office 365.
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Quickbooks Online Integration

Save time, reduce data entry and seamlessly view customer information with our new QuickBooks Integration.
Our latest finance integration to enable you to link your Gold-Vision Account records to Customers in Quickbooks and view Transaction History for your customers across your team.  You can also link Gold-Vision Quotes to Quickbooks and automate your invoice creation process.
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Enhancements & Updates:


Database Improvements

This latest release includes improvements in performance of screen display speed. We have been able to take advantage of coding options offered with the introduction of .Net 4.8. With improved screen caching the speed of screen loading is reduced.

Activities – enhanced features for one click completion

  • Activity improvements to enable completing an Activity with one click – use the new Complete icon from an Activity record

      or from the To Do List by simply clicking on the Complete box

     This is in addition to the Complete option from the Action Centre.

  • Activity tile widgets are also now coloured correctly.


  • Improvements to Alerting to include a failed status if a single alert does not fire, and enables the rest of the alerts in your stack to complete independently.
  • Event Booking Attendee reminders fire correctly when an Alert is setup.


  • Campaign recipient type now defaults to “Account/Contact” and you can re-set to “Lead Management” or required option depending on your data.
  • The Campaign Stage rule “Recipient did not open the email” now filters correct Recipients when used in campaign follow up.

Lead Management

  • Leads which require approval prior to promotion are now accessible via the “Pending Promotion” List by relevant users.
  • An issue with mapping User Defined Drop Down fields for promoted Leads has been resolved.
  • Update imports encountered an issue with mapping the Website field, this is now resolved and will be updated during an “Update Import”.
  • Company name is no longer mandatory for Lead record creation.  Lead de-duplication check can now be enabled or disabled as required for the Company name field.

TouchPoints – Duration option now added

  • TouchPoints List has a new filterable option – “Duration” to see length in seconds of visitors to your website.


  • Contact Email address is now hyperlinked against Opportunities, enabling a user to send an email when clicking the link.
  • An issue with Contact Widgets placed on the Opportunity screen no longer error when clicking on a contact.
  • An issue with filtering date ranges within an Opportunity list has been resolved.


  • Open/ Closed State is now available as an option for filtering when creating Quote Widgets.
  • When using a Live Product Picker to add products to your quote, selecting pop-out which is available whilst hovering over “Product Summary” now works.
  • An issue with User Defined labels in the Quote Product/Quote Line area have been fixed, labels should now display correctly.
  • Quote list can be filtered for the Account Discount field within a Quote List.
  • Tax Code for individual products can be amended in a Pricelist or via Bulk Select.

Dashboards & Widgets – updated mobile view & drill down options

  • Scrolling has been enabled on Widget dashboards for mobile view. 
  • Drill down has been enabled on Scatter Charts and Table Widgets.
  • Drill down on Account Widgets is also fixed. 

Screen Designer updates

  • User defined fields can now be added in the Screen Designer against Event Booking Attendee.
  • Addition of a User Defined Text field in “Global Search” now retains settings and can be used for filtering the Global Search. 

Using Bulk Replace with Contacts

  • Categories are a new option against Contacts when using Bulk Replace.

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