Product News

April 2021

Key New Features:

Docusign Integration

New integration now available for DocuSign allowing you to send documents through Gold-Vision to the relevant people to get them signed electronically.

Key benefits include:

  • Save time – Shorten your Sales and onboarding cycle. Create your DocuSign document within Gold-Vision. Use mail merged fields to automatically complete your documents. Templates are created using standard wording which doesn’t need amending each time.
  • Speed Sign – Make it much simpler for your recipient to interact and respond quickly. This shortens the creation and delivery for both parties.
  • Work anywhere – Gold-Vision and DocuSign documents can be created on a desktop or tablet device. Your recipient can in turn open it on any device and sign!
  • Track and manage – Create, send, sign and store all documents in a central location which can be accessed by your users or teams. Audit trails are automatically managed in Gold-Vision to let you know what status the document is at.

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Navigating using Short Codes

Building on the new Short Code feature that was recently introduced, each Gold-Vision item now displays a short-code URL with added navigation features:

  • You can now browse straight to an item using the short-code in the URL
  • Settings Pages navigation is now stored in Recent Events
  • You can go straight to the default view of a top-level list using a prefix
  • Going back to an item in the recent events list goes back to the last instance of that item
  • Going to the screen designer for a particular screen is recorded in the users recent items

In addition, Short Codes provide unique references to facilitate integration with a 3rd party system.

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Gauge Charts

New chart to measure and track performance for your team against targets. Easy to setup using the Gold-Vision widget tool with option to set up to 4 thresholds including minimum and maximum values.  Plus choose colours to to show segment values to help you track progress against business targets.

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Sublist Designer in Screen Designer

Gold-Vision now provides built the ability for a user to design sublists from the screen designer. This update should enable you to quickly set up the information that you require for each of your screen designs.

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Enhancements & Updates:


  • Files can now be uploaded to the ‘Gallery’ section in a Contact Activity

Bulk replace

  • Bulk-Replace – Select Options – Changing Account Manager / Contact Manager / Owner no longer results in Error


  • Calendar view now displays correctly when a single date field is selected


  • Dormant Contact list displays correctly


  • All users can open Event Bookings when Account Security has been enabled

Screen Designer

  • Sections can be renamed
  • Lists can be amended in screen designer once created
  • Duplicate Override users are now saved on Screen Design save


  • Site picker fields performance optimised to reduce load time

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