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List Stats

Allow users to quickly generate numeric statistics from almost any list They are most useful for quickly totalling numeric columns or discovering the spread of records within a list by a drop down value (for example ‘Account Type’).

Report, Calendar, Map and Flows view

Gold-Vision data can be viewed in a variety of formats in the system. From the views drop down options users can select which view is required.  

Setting up Sales Charts

Here are some examples of Sale Charts you might find useful, with steps on how to create them. Historical overview of Product Sales From Product Sales List, filter all Closed - Won Product Sales, clear all dates and create a Column chart 

Manage your monthly sales meetings

Using Gold-Vision for your Sales Meetings saves time when preparing for the meeting, no need for everyone to produce spreadsheets and send them to you prior to the meeting. Sales Meetings Dashboards In the meeting click through to segments of a chart or click on individual items on a list and update records as you…

Create Dashboards or Menus for your team

Create Homepage Dashboards or Menus for your team and make them public. This will help to make sure everyone is working from the same sales data. Dashboards can be created from your Product Sales List, Forecast list, Quotes and Opportunity Lists