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Email marketing introduction

Connect is Gold-Vision's integrated email marketing module, offering all the benefits of a professional high-volume email marketing application without the headaches of managing an extra database.

Data privacy opt in

Planning how you manage your opt-ins is an important process, especially since the introduction of legislation like GDPR, PIPEDA and CCPA. However, it doesn’t need to be difficult. Opt-In Through Connect Gold-Vision integrated with Gold-Vision Connect provides you with a trusted database of opted-in contacts who can easily be identified for ongoing communications. To make…

Create a campaign stage

Campaigns can be designed with one or multiple Stages, as complex or simple as your requirements. Stages define the medium you use to send your campaign (e.g. Connect Email, Phone, Letter), and you can choose your Recipient Source for each Stage. Creating a Campaign Stage When you’re in a campaign, click the plus sign and select Campaign stage.

Campaign stage types

Connect Running a stage with the Media type set to Email (Connect) will upload the recipients to Gold-Vision Connect. From there you can design your email and send it.

Campaign Introduction

Marketing Campaigns can be designed with multiple stages for various media types and as complex or simple as your requirements need. The Campaigns functionality can be used from both standard Gold-Vision and Lead Management data. In Gold-Vision campaigns you can also build source lists for use with Outlook email, phone, letter, SMS, Gold-Vision Connect or…

Drag & Drop email editor

If you have chosen to create a new mail shot template from scratch, or just want to make changes to an existing template, the Connect Drag & Drop editor makes this nice and simple. Creating a Drag & Drop Connect Template When you are in the editor you will see that you have a number…