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What are Tasks

What are Tasks

Tasks allows you to create a ‘To Do List’ to manage all your digital content. 

For example, the Marketing Manager may want to assign tasks for team members to create Brands, Assets (Images), Templates, Landing Pages, Campaigns, Social posts and more.  

Types of Tasks

A task can link to items such as campaigns, templates or emails or can be a standalone task. 

Creating a Task

From the main Tasks list, click on the + New Task Icon at the top right.

Enter a Task Description. 

Select a Start and Due Date & Time. – Difficult to add time when editing as you cannot see – can it be the same as time selection as GV. 

Status – To Do, In Progress or Complete.

Owner – select a name to assign the task to a team member – Link to owner list creation.

Item – Leave blank to create a standalone task or if linked select a Campaign.

Tick to Save or Cross to exit without saving.

Editing Tasks

Click on the Ellipsis Icon (3 vertical dots) shown on the right.  


From here you can click to Edit, Unlink (if linked) and Delete a Task.



The Edit option allows you all the Task fields including Description, Date, Status, Owner and Item (Linked) fields.  Completing Tasks

Completing Tasks

To mark a task as Complete click on the Edit Icon and update the status as required.   


Visit General Navigation for more information on Searching and Sort options. 

New Folder

To create a new Folder Click on the + Icon.   Enter a Folder Name and click Create.

Managing Folders

Click on the Settings Icon.  Select the Folder and click on the Edit icon to amend the name and Save.  Or Click on the Delete Icon to Delete.   



Tags are words or key phrases that you can assigned to Campaigns, Emails, Generic Emails and Landing Pages to help you find items.  


Statuses are pre-defined and can be used to easily identify the status of an item. 

Campaign – Planning, Active or Completed statuses
Emails – Draft, Scheduled, Sending, Sent, Automated
Landing Pages – Draft, Scheduled, Publishing, Published, Unpublished.


You can click on a Brand Name to show items for your product areas or categoriesThe Brand filter option will be displayed in the Filter options for Campaigns, All Elements, Emails and Landing Pages.  


You can easily find items using the search fieldSimply enter the characters then enter to find items matching all or part of the search criteria.


Use the sort options to filter items in the required order, by Name, Created by or Created or Updated Date.  You can then choose Ascending or Descending order.     


Click on the View Icon to change to Grid, List or Timeline view. 

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