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What are Landing Pages

What are Landing Pages

Landing Pages allow you to create and publish a web page to use in your Marketing Campaign. Email recipients can click on a link to the Landing Page to view more information or to complete a further call-to-action such as filling in a form to register their interest in what you are promoting. 

Create a Landing Page

To create a landing page, click on the bottom icon on the left-hand side toolbar, and then click the “+ New Landing Page” Button in the top right. 

You will then need to select the brand to which your landing page will be attributed.


Enter the initial information regarding your landing page; give the landing page a name, and you are also able to optionally assign it to an existing campaign and a new or pre-existing folder or tag. 


Click on the Design tab or Design button and select the ‘Browse Designs’ button.


You can either start your design from a Brand Template by simply by hovering over a current template and clicking “Select.


For more information on brand templates, see What are Brands? 

To create a design from scratch, click ‘Layouts‘ and then select the ‘Create your own‘ option, or choose from a simple pre-designed layout. 

Or use select Themes to select a pre-defined design for your landing page: 

You can then use the drag and drop designer to build or edit your landing page template. 

As you design the landing page, you can preview what the landing page will look like.

You can choose Show Desktop or Mobile, Show or Hide Structure, Elements, Preview and Merge Fields.

If this is a template that you would like to reuse, you can Save as new Template once you are happy and then you can click Finished Editing to progress to the next step. 

Give your landing page an SEO Title to enable easy visibility from a search engine, and an optional description.

If you would not like your landing page to appear in search engine results, just flick the switches for SEO Indexing and SEO Link Indexing to the off position. 

You must also give your landing page a URL. 



Automation is missing


You can set your landing page to Publish Now, or you can Schedule for Later.


You can also set a time for the landing page to automatically unpublish, which is useful for temporary offers or campaigns that have an end date. 

Once you are happy with your settings, click Publish Landing Page. 



Landing pages can contain forms, the data from which will feed back into Gold-Vision Leads. 

In the  Design tab, Edit your Template and drag a form content block onto your design and then you can amend the fields as required.

Click Edit to display the Edit options. 

Here you can change the field Label, set the Field Type, enter a Placeholder and set Mandatory, and Read only options. 

Once you close your design a new Forms option is added to the pages at the top of the screen with options to be completed before you can publish your landing page.

Click on the pencil icon at the bottom right.

Form Name – Give your form a name.

Provider – the URL will automatically default in this field and can be updated. 

Lead List – Click on the Lead list option to have form submissions appear in that Lead List in Gold-Vision CRM. 

Redirect URL –  is the web page that you wish the user to see once they have submitted the form.

You may wish to design a specific landing page for this purpose, with a thank you or an offer, or back to your business web site. 

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