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New Email

New Email

To create an Email Element, click on Elements and click on the + New button and then choose New Email. 

Select the Brand to which you want this Element to belong.  


Name – Give your Email Element a Name.

Brand – The Brand Name selected will automatically be displayed

Type – Select the type required – Standard Email, Automated Email and Follow up Email options.


Follow up Email –  Use the Follow up toggle button to set this email as a follow up email, allowing it to be used in Marketing Automation. For more information, see What is Automation?

Campaign – You can optionally assign this email element to a pre-created Campaigns. 



Visit What are Campaigns for more information.

Assign to Tags– Add to an existing or create a new Tag.

Contact Preference Type – Contact Preference Types are set up at Brand level and allow you to set these types against emails. Email recipients can then choose to unsubscribe just from that type of email rather than from all your emails.


Visit What are Brands to find out more.

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Email reacts to data changes. 

This button controls how the email behaves for send based on whether the data source that you have used for your recipients list for the email is a Static or a Live Data source. 

If the data source was static, then the options for sending are as shown:

If Live then are shown   ?????


Once completed, click on the Design button.

This is where you can Browse designs and select Email Templates.

Select a Template from Brand Templates, Brand Email, Layouts and Themes

????? Link For more information please refer to email Templates Design.


On selecting from the available email templates, you will have the opportunity to make design changes to template such as Text, Images and Layout structure.

To save changes, click on the Finish Editing option or Save as New Template. Alternatively, to undo changes made, simply click on the Discard Changes button.

????? Within the Design area, you can enter in a Reply to Address, Sender’s name and Email address as well as, the Subject Heading – which could be multiple.

????? You may also choose to add in ‘Merge fields’ which would then pull that value from your Gold-Vision. E.g. Full Name.


Click on the Add Recipients button, this is where we will now include our recipients who will receive this email.



Click on the Add Data Source button and this will open all data sources which have been created.

Select from the Source that you want to include for this Email click the continue Button.



Once the source has loaded, recipients will be shown in a list view.

Here you will see those that are Valid or Invalid for email and individually select if a recipient is included or excluded from receiving the mailer.



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Send or Schedule

Click onto the Send or Schedule button.

Before you can send/schedule your email, you will need to ensure that the Pre-Send Checklist has been completed.  The Pre-Send Checklist will highlight any areas that are incomplete. 

Click on the highlighted incomplete checks to easily access those areas in your Email element.

The email will be ready to send or schedule once the checklist has been completed.

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