Using Gold-Vision


New Landing Page

New Landing Page

Click on the highlighted incomplete checks to easily access those areas in your Email element.

The email will be ready to send or schedule for send once the checklist has been completed.

Select from one of the Brands available

Give your Landing Page Element a Name, choose from one of the pre-created Campaigns, assign to a Folder and assign pre-created Tags and then click on the Design button.

Choose from one of available templates to apply to your Landing Page. Next set a Title for the page, a description and you can also include in a Custom Script which will run every time the Landing Page is loaded.

Once completed, click on the Set Automation Actions button. 

In this page you can configure automation on links.

For example, if there is a link that has been added to your templates, based on interactions with that link, a score can be assigned.

Once completed, click on the Publish button. 

Ensure that all things are checked off in the Pre-Send checklist and then you are ready to publish your landing page.

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