Using Gold-Vision


Creating a Brand

Creating a Brand

Click on the Brands icon on the navigation menu on the left to see your Brands page.

Click either on the New Brand button at the top right or on the New Brand icon on the middle of the screen.

Give your Brand a Name. Give your brand a Name. You can change this later in Brand Settings if you want to. 


You also need to set a Primary Brand Colour. Click on Choose your colour: 

You can either use the colour selector or specify the HEX or RGB value of your brand colour. Give your colour a name and press Save. You can add to your brand colours and change the primary colour later in Brand Style if you wish.  

Optionally, you can add a Primary Brand Logo when creating a new Brand. Or, add this and other logos in Brand Style at another time. 

Domain Settings

You need to specify a subdomain from which your emails will be sent.

Enter the subdomain into the box and click on Check availability. 

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