Twitter Integration Overview



Integrating Gold-Vision CRM with Twitter allows you to turn your engagements into a valuable sales and lead generation source.

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Twitter Integration for Gold-Vision CRM

Understand and nurture your existing customers and potential leads with greater clarity. Measure the impact of tweets, retweets, follows and mentions within Gold-Vision CRM.

Create defined rules to score brand interactions on Twitter, and introduce social touches into your wider sales & marketing strategy; enabling your team to immediately identify which of their accounts and leads are hot depending on their touch point score.

Identify social engagement

Gold-Vision tracks interactions by Twitter account. As a result, you can see whether that recent retweet was from a customer, supplier, prospect, or somebody that you haven’t previously come across.

Set your own rules

Whether it’s the use of a specific campaign hashtag, or simply a mention or retweet – score your Twitter touch points in a way that matters the most to you.

Generate new leads

Using touch points, Gold-Vision CRM will automatically create new leads based on the criteria that you have chosen – giving you valuable insights into previously unknown followers.

3 Key Benefits of our Twitter Integration

  • Interaction tracking – the ability to see whether an interaction has come from a customer or account, or whether it’s a new opportunity.
  • Touchpoint scoring – score the interactions you receive based on the rules you set-up within Gold-Vision.
  • Lead generation – based on the rules set up, when a user has reached a certain touchpoint score they will be automatically added to a lead list of your choosing.

Setting up the Twitter Integration

If you are interested in setting up a Twitter integration for your business, please contact our Support Team.

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