Pegasus Opera 3 Integration Overview


With the Gold-Vision Pegasus Opera 3 integration, you are able to connect customer, sales order, and product data with CRM. Convert won quotes into sales orders without the need to manually re-input the details and decrease the chances of human errors significantly.

Pegasus Opera 3  integration for Gold-Vision CRM

The integration between Gold-Vision and Opera is achieved via an automated integration tool. The tool runs regularly throughout the day to push data to Opera and typically once a day to transfer data from Opera to Gold-Vision. Standard modules include:
  • Create new Opera customer from Gold-Vision account
  • Opera customer updates corresponding Gold-Vision account (e.g. Balance)
  • Import Opera product list to Gold-Vision
  • Create new Opera sales orders from Gold-Vision quotes.

Account integration

Account integration involves creating a new customer in Opera when an account reaches a specific state in Gold-Vision (e.g. their type becomes “Customer”) and regularly updating Gold-Vision with Opera data (e.g. credit limit, balance etc.).

Sales Order integration

When a user creates a quote in Gold-Vision, the products they see will be those sourced from Opera, and prices will be in line with the Opera base price or based on a selected Gold-Vision price list.

Multi-company compatibility

All of the standard modules described previously are multi-company compatible. This means a single instance of Gold-Vision can integrate with multiple Opera companies/datasets. For example, a single Gold-Vision account can exist in multiple Opera companies. Opera details for that customer can be pushed back and collated against the single Gold-Vision account.

3 Key Benefits of our Pegasus Opera 3 Integration

  • Automatic data updates – Once the integration is live, accounts created in Gold-Vision will be pushed to Opera by the integration (automatically throughout the day). Similarly, once your integration is configured, Opera-specific data can be pulled into Gold-Vision via the integration (typically once a day).
  • Quoting – A key benefit of using Gold-Vision for quoting is the ability to create more flexible proposal or quote formats using Microsoft Word. When the Opportunity or Quote is “closed-won”, associated quotes are exported to Opera’s Sales Order Processing functionality, allowing final review by the accounts team and easy conversion to an invoice without re-keying.
  • Easy product importing – Products can be imported from all Opera Companies into Gold-Vision’s single product catalogue.

Setting up the Pegasus Opera 3 Integration

If you are interested in setting up a Pegasus Opera 3 integration for your business, please contact our Support Team.

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