Managing your Pegasus Opera 3 Integration

Administration Process

The Gold-Vision to Opera integration is designed to run automatically and therefore the integration itself has little administrative overhead. The configuration of Gold-Vision alerts and frequency of jobs processing, which control the integration, are discussed with the implementation team when the integration is being configured. In the event of a query or error regarding the integration, there are several views available in the Gold-Vision Administration Console to assist with trouble shooting. The implementation team will talk you through these screens during the integration training. Please note that the management of credit notes (plus associated potential stock returns etc.) are beyond the scope of the Gold-Vision integration. The adjustments would therefore be made in Opera.

Implementation Approach and Timings

Gold-Vision to Opera integration requires installing and configuring. During this process, key users are trained. This is typically an accounts user and a Gold-Vision Administrator. The configuration process essentially involves the mapping of fields between the systems and configuring how these are viewed in Gold-Vision. Typically, accurate customer details are available from your Opera and so represent a useful source of data for initial load into Gold-Vision, especially since this load also includes the Opera Customer ID which is then used for on-going synchronisation. For new prospects or customers, we work with you to agree the right process and triggers for new customers to be initiated from Gold-Vision, as described in section 2. These are defined using standard Gold-Vision alerts. There are 2 main levels of integration as follows:

Level 1 – Account Synchronisation

  • On initial setup, existing Opera customers may be imported to Gold-Vision as accounts.
  • The Gold-Vision Account may be updated with Opera information fields (e.g. Credit Limit)

Level 2 – Order and Invoice Processing

  • Level 1 plus…
  • The Opera product list may be imported into Gold-Vision. Where additional Gold-Vision descriptions, images etc. have been added, these are not overwritten.
  • Gold-Vision “won” quotes may be exported to sales order processing for easy invoicing.
It is also important to consider which system becomes the master at different stages of the process. Our approach is that once a Gold-Vision account has been set up in Opera and synchronised, then the Opera record becomes the master for key information. The billing address is controlled and changed in Opera – this is a basic fraud prevention control. Therefore, billing address changes made in Gold-Vision could trigger an automatic e-mail to the accounts users to update the Opera address. The integration tool is a standard solution, with configuration options. If your Opera integration requirement is not covered by the functionality described in this document, then please feel free to discuss your requirement with us.

Technical Considerations


The integration tool utilises KCPOS Libraries for communication with Opera. These are third party libraries which allow us to integrate with a number of accounting systems. The KCPOS Libraries are installed on the Opera server as part of the installation process.

Minimum Requirements

  • Opera
  • User access to Opera
  • .Net 4.0 installed on the server hosting Opera.

Gold-Vision Configuration

  • The latest version of Gold-Vision is recommended
  • Access to the Gold-Vision API
  • Custom procedures and screens will be added to the Gold-Vision database and file structure. None of the Gold-Vision standard components will be modified.

KCPOS Library

  • Responsible for communication with Opera.
  • These libraries must be registered on the Opera server

Integration Tool

  • Handles all interaction between Gold-Vision and KCPOS library (must be able to access Gold-Vision API)
  • Installed on Opera server.
We require RDP access to the Opera and Gold-Vision servers to complete implementation. We cannot implement the integration via applications such as Go-To-Assist and Team Viewer.

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