Standard Templates


Gold-Vision can generate Word documents from almost any item by using predefined Word Templates (.dot) files. Templates are also used when running letter-based mail campaigns.The template file may contain Gold-Vision “tags”, which are substituted with the corresponding item data when this feature is initiated – for example name and address. 

Gold-Vision Templates Folder

Gold-Vision templates are usually stored in the Templates sub folder of the program install folder. This folder should be shared to all users as GVTemplates to allow Gold-Vision access to the Word Template files. The templates folder has sub-folders divided by type of template and item type. See your Gold-Vision Administrator for more information.

Template Tags

All template tags in standard mode take the form of a keyword(s) within two chevrons < >. When Gold-Vision uses a template to create a document it will replace these tags with the corresponding data.

In Settings → Template tags you will find a list of all the template tags, by item.

There are example templates available in your Templates folder, (see Template Settings) we would recommend using these and editing them to meet your requirements. 


To edit a template, browse to your Template location, select the relevant folder, then select the example Template, right click and select Open.

For example: <account> would display the Account Name.

For example, this template text

could be used to create the following


If you do not want to use our example templates, then create your template and select File – Save As – and select type Word Template BEFORE selecting the Location. (You might need to save locally on your desktop and ask your administrator to upload the template if you don’t have the correct access rights.)

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