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How To Use Reference Numbering

You can configure automatic reference numbers for items within Gold-Vision via Reference Number Settings within the Settings area. Each item type supports an independent 'expression', made up of tags, that defines how the automatic reference is formatted.

Preference centre

Managing Campaign Preferences - Connect Link Using Connect you can add a link to your template that will take contacts to the Preference Centre. From here, every contact can manage their Campaign Preferences, choosing what kind of emails they would or wouldn’t like to receive from you.

Short Codes

Short codes have been built into Gold-Vision to achieve the following purposes: Provide a unique reference number for each item in Gold-Vision. This can be used as an alternative to reference numbers if required, especially if Gold-Vision is integrated with a 3rd party system. Provide a more visible and user-friendly reference for launching a record…

Managing Projects

Users can plan and manager their Projects in Gold-Vision with simple resource allocation, correspondence tracking and powerful reporting. Create Activities/Tasks for a Projects Project Activities can be useful to manage follow up actions.  Activities can be created manually or workflows can be setup. To create a new Project Activity click the Plus Icon against your Project and…

Introduction to Projects

Gold-Vision fully integrated Project Management module offers a central platform where users can manage the complexities of a project combined with Account, Contact and Sales information that already exists in your CRM into simpler to manage section. Projects can be managed between their start and end date with Activities representing each milestone, which have a…

Creating a Project

Creating A New Project There are different ways to create Projects in Gold-Vision: Option 1 - from the New Item Menu Click on the Plus icon and select Project: