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Logs & Log Settings

Logs Gold-Vision records logs for different areas of the system. These can be accessed within Logs in the Settings area. You can view a Log by selecting the record. The logs relate to the following areas of the system: GoldVision_yyyy_mm_dd.txt - The main Gold-Vision system log, containing information on any UI errors. MailScanner_yyyy_mm_dd.txt - The mail tracking…

Using Privacy Actions in Gold Vision GDPR

Under The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, individuals have the right to access their personal and supplementary information via a subject access request. Such requests can be logged either for a Lead or a Contact.

Simple Time Management

Users can log time against Gold-Vision records to track how much time has been used to complete tasks. Time is entered by users using the Log Time functionality and the total / breakdown of time entries is then displayed on the Gold-Vision record. The Log Time functionality is available against an Account, Account Activity, Contact…

Introduction to Time

A feature which can be used for recording time against Gold-Vision records, useful for monitoring productivity of users when they are managing tasks. Where can I use Time? Time recordings are available in the following areas: Account Account Activity Contact Activity Opportunity Opportunity Activity Project Project Activity Time Features Time feature has been designed to…