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Filtering Sublists

When viewing Sublist's against an Object in Gold-Vision you can set default filters. This will allow users to access relevant information quickly against an item as well as adding extra Sublist Columns.Adding Filters to your SublistFilters can be added to a Sublist by configuring the list in the Screen Designer. This can be accessed by…

Review invalid recipients

When viewing a campaign source, if certain Contact fields are not completed, then affected recipients will show as Invalid for that particular field. This can be due to a missing email address, incomplete address, missing phone number, unsubscribed from mailing list, etc.

Searching and Filtering Lists

Search Expression Example ANDSearch Example: filtering Accounts with Industry set to Manufacturing AND in United Kingdom. Here you could filter using two different column headers ORSearch Example: filtering Accounts with Industry set to Manufacturing Or Retail. To achieve this add ‘pipe’ symbol: |. For example, Manufacturing|Retail EXCEPT Search Example: All Opportunities EXCEPT those with the Source field set to Partner Referral. To achieve this add the ! symbol. For…