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Document Storage

Configure Document Storage Document Storage is available within the Settings > Document Storage Gold-Vision can be configured to automatically save documents created from templates to a pre-defined location.

Viewing and Uploading Documents

View Documents in Global List Go to View and click on Search Documents, the list of all documents from Gold-Vision will then be displayed

Creating A Document

Gold-Vision can generate Word documents from almost any item by using predefined Word Templates (.dot) files.Templates are also used when running letter-based mail campaigns.The template file may contain Gold-Vision “tags”, which are substituted with the corresponding item data .Create a Document from Template By clicking on the Template Icon, the Generate Document Screen will appear.Here you will…

Bulk Document Production

Users can generate documents in bulk from most Gold-Vision lists where the item can already be used to generate documents from a template. The advantage of this functionality is that many documents can be generated quickly at once from a filtered list. 

Adobe Sign Integration Overview

Adobe Sign Integration for Gold-Vision CRM You’ve already made a great first impression – why stop there? Streamline your sales and project management processes with a simple online sign-off process for all your important customer interactions and deliver a quality customer experience. Adobe sign integration allows you to send PDF documents directly from Gold-Vision and…

Introduction to Projects

Gold-Vision fully integrated Project Management module offers a central platform where users can manage the complexities of a project combined with Account, Contact and Sales information that already exists in your CRM into simpler to manage section. Projects can be managed between their start and end date with Activities representing each milestone, which have a…

Configuring the Adobe Sign Integration

Install & Configuration Go to Integrations Storefront next to the Action Menu on the top right-hand side of your screen saver.

Using the Adobe Sign Integration

Generating and Sending eSign Documents There are three methods users can use to generate and send eSign Documents. Use method 1 if you don’t need to edit the document before sending, method 2 if you do, or method 3 if you already have a document saved somewhere else. Method 1 - If you don’t need to…

Microsoft SharePoint

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