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Using Standard Paragraphs in Advanced Mode

A Paragraph is a large block of customisable text which can be used within templates when generating documents from Gold-Vision, for example Payment Terms. Add a new Standard Paragraph In Settings search for Standard Paragraphs, click new, enter name, the text

Advanced Templates

The main benefit of using the ‘advanced’ mode of template tags rather than the ‘standard’ mode is that when using ‘advanced’ mode it is possible to reference fields from various associated areas. For example if you setup a template against a Quote it would be possible to pull fields from the following areas: account, contact,…

Standard Templates

IntroductionGold-Vision can generate Word documents from almost any item by using predefined Word Templates (.dot) files. Templates are also used when running letter-based mail campaigns.The template file may contain Gold-Vision “tags”, which are substituted with the corresponding item data when this feature is initiated – for example name and address. Gold-Vision Templates FolderGold-Vision templates are usually…